Our Story

Hacienda Los Horgazales


Our olive oil is derived from a ranch in Spain called Hacienda Los Horgazales. Hacienda Los Horgazales is a company dedicated to the production of extra virgin olive oil obtained directly from our own olives and solely by mechanical means, in which we mix TRADITION AND TECHNOLOGY to produce an oil of the highest quality.

Hacienda los Horgazales, is an olive grove with an integrated oil press, decanters, the bodegas for storing the oils, meaning that the farm controls the entire cultivation, harvest and manufacturing process of the EXTRA-VIRGIN OLIVE OILS with the highest quality.

Our olive grove is located between the Sierra de Grazalena and the Guadalete river, forming a natural space with land that is suitable for olive cultivation and with a generous amount of rainfall. Olives have been grown in this area for thousands of years.

We have recently moved our headquarters to San Antonio, Texas. We service anywhere around the United States. Whether it be for restaurants or individuals, we provide a high quality organic olive oil. 

Basing ourselves upon the criteria of Integrated Farming that guarantees the resources and the natural production mechanisms for agriculture, assuring sustainable agriculture in the long term and combining environmental protection, agricultural productivity and the quality of the final production. This technique obliges and guarantees traceability and follow ups in the production of the oil, from the start of its growth in the field, to its packaging and final consumption, under the guidelines governed by the Regional Government of Andalusia.